Dear Students,

Erasmus+ traineeship mobility is available for bachelor, graduate and recently graduated students* with or without grant provided that the recent graduates submitted their application before their graduation. Students could be trainee in the firms that are approved by our institution (Bachelor students are supposed to ask to their departmental traineeship commission for the approval of their traineeship position and graduate students are supposed to ask to their Erasmus+ program coordinators). This budget is available to support the mobility through to Program Countries + United Kingdom. As traineeship activity is an obligatory part of the bachelor diploma in Turkey, bachelor students has the priority to get the grant comparing to graduate students.

Although the traineeship mobility is generally planned during summer term, the schedule enables the students to plan their traineeship activity any time of a year. Still, please consider the time limits of your faculty or institution.

The calendar for the dates of application and announcement of selected students is stated below.

*The mobility has to be completed in the 12 months after the graduation.

Application Calendar

Application Period

Announcement of Preliminary Results


Announcement of Final Results

Interval to Perform Traineeship

March 7th, 2022- April, 15th2022

April 21st , 2022

April 28th, 2022

The mobility should be completed latest pn May 31th 2023

Other details and applicaiton link: 2022 Call for application-

Objection Period

The period between the announcement of preliminary results and the final results is reserved for the objections of the applicants. Objections to the final list must be delivered to Erasmus Office (in person or through e-mail), until 12.00 pm on the previous working day of final announcement dates and should include the reason, the requested change and student information.


The Calls: