Mar 2019
2019-2020 Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies Preliminary Evaluation Results

Applications within the framework of 2019-2020 Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies have been evaluated and the evaluation results have been stated on the link below. At the same time, the system has also sent information e-mails to students automatically. The first announcement includes only a preliminary list and should not be understood as an acquired right because of the uncertain mature of the preliminary list. Similarly, you should not contact the host institution in the preliminary list during the objection period and wait until the final list is announced and your nominations are sent to the appropriate institution.

There is an objection period covering 15 days as of today, until 15 March 2019 at 16:00. All your objections must be made to Erasmus Office via written petition or e-mail. After this period, all objections will be evaluated and final placement list will be announced on our web-site on 20 March 2019 and then all nominations will be sent.

It is crucial for our students who would like to shorten or change their mobility period to apply to our office via written petition or e-mail within this 15 days objection period with the assumption that the placed institution is correct. Otherwise, our students may face some problems in the process of receiving approval from the host institution if they want to change the mobility period after we have made the nomination (especially for our students placed to the Netherlands). We will be in contact with our students who request to change or shorten their mobility period but are placed at a different host institution in the final announcement than in the preliminary announcement.

Please click here to see preliminary evaluation result of 2018-2019 Erasmus+ candidates.