Apr 2021
The preliminary announcement list for 2021-2022 academic year Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies

Dear Students,

Applications within the framework of 2020-2021 Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies have been evaluated based on the e-mail received on April 09, 2021 from Turkish National Agency. The evaluation results have been stated on the link below. The first announcement includes only a Preliminary List and should not be understood as an acquired right as there is a possibility of changes in the Preliminary List. For this reason, you should not contact the receiving institutions until the final placement list is published.

As of today, the 5-day objection period, which will continue until April 18, 2021 23:59hrs, has started. All your objections must be made to Erasmus Office via written petition or e-mail. All objections will be evaluated during this period and Final Placement List will be announced on our web site on April 21, 2021 and then all nominations will be sent to the receiving institutions.

In some cases, problems can be encountered in the process of obtaining approval from the receiving institutions for the requests regarding “semester change” or “shortening to one semester mobility” after nomination processes are completed (especially institution of the Netherlands). To avoid such a problem; it is crucial for our students, who want to shorten their mobility or prefer to change semester, are required to apply to ITU Erasmus Office by e-mail or to submit a petition by hand, assuming that the institution they are placed in the Preliminary List is correct. We will be in contact with our students who request to change or shorten their mobility period but are placed at a different institution in the final announcement from in the preliminary announcement. 

NOTE: Some institutions did not accept of our request to postpone the nomination deadline. The semesters of our students placed in these institutions have been changed to "spring semester". If the institutions (which have not responded yet to our request to postpone the nomination deadline) do not accept to postpone the deadline after we send the nomination, the semesters of these students will also be updated as "spring semester".


2021 Delegation Agreement and 2021-2027 with the new Erasmus + program participation agreement between the European Union and Turkey has not been signed yet. Turkish National Agency or ITU cannot be accused because of the possible material or moral losses that may arise from delays or cancellations during the agreement processes mentioned above.

Please click here for the preliminary list.

ITU EU Centre Erasmus Office