Procedures for Incoming Staff (Teaching and training activity)

The most important step for the incoming staff is to find a host at ITU for the arrangement of the lectures/meetings/seminars or other activities. In this phase, you could check the web pages of the departments to see the working areas of the individuals:

ITU Departments

ITU Faculties

ITU Research Labs and Centers

ITU Institutes

ITU Administrative Units and Offices

Staff should be complete the mobility agreement for training or mobility agreement for teaching according to the activity type and should have it signed.

We keep your information and documents here in this app. You should complete an application here. After filling an application, please submit it. Later, you will have the chance to go to your account and upload the necessary documents. Please be in touch with us ( to make your status ‘approved by the office’, on this app after adding these documents:

Before mobility necessary documents list to be uploaded to the erasmusapp

- You could check the visa requirements in this page.

- Mobility agreement signed by all the parties.

- Candidates are supposed to have a valid Travel Health Insurance covering the period that they plan to visit host country.

- Assignment/Nomination document should be prepared by home institution and the original document must be kept by the candidate while coming to Turkey (Advised to be signed by the Rector).

- The flight details should be uploaded to app. when your tickets are finalized.

- The candidates should be prepared financially since the payment of the grant could be completed generally in the third or fourth day of the mobility.

When you come

Please get a tax number first. You could get it online clicking the box 'Application for non-citizen's potential tax number' on this link.

Sometimes the online system doesn't work. In this case, we strongly advise you to go to Beyoğlu Tax Office to get a tax number, in your first week day in Istanbul, because of the fact that it takes time to transfer money to your account. (While you register for tax number, the tax office asks for an accommodation address. As you would just stay for short-term, you could give this address code which addresses directly ITU Rectorate: 4016204291)- If you already have a Turkish Tax Number, please do not consider this part.

With your Tax Number, Passport and Assignment Letter, you should go to VakıfBank in İTÜ Ayazağa Campus and open a bank account. If you need help, please ask the officers to call us: 2857183

As soon as you get your bank account, you could come to Erasmus Office or if your schedule is too tight, send your bank account and tax number info to us( . We will arrange your grant agreement and start your payment procedures. We expect you to visit us, to sign your grant agreement.

For more information.

Covid Regulations- Entry Requirements to Turkey

The Turkish government does not prohibit any nationalities from entering Turkey based on citizenship. However, it does place restrictions on who may come into the country based on the departure point. Travellers must have a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival in Turkey. When entering Turkey from countries not included in the following list: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, passengers will not be required to submit a negative PCR test result if they submit a document issued by the relevant country’s official authorities stating that they have been vaccinated at least 14 days before the entrance to Turkey and/or have had the disease and cured within the last 6 months.

All passengers aged 6 and over traveling to Turkey will have to complete a Form for Entry to Turkey. The form must be filled in within the last 72 hours before travel.

Online form for entry to Turkey:

To facilitate the monitoring and management of the health crisis, the Turkish authorities have developed a “Hayat Eve Sığar” (HES) code.  According to the message given by the Turkish Ministry of Health (the source of this new measure), by filling in the form, “a HES code is automatically generated”; thus “Turkish authorities will be able to contact travellers who come into contact with a person positive for COVID-19 directly during their flight or during their trip to the country”. If you want to take public transport (bus, metro, ferry, tram, etc.) during your stay in Turkey, you will need a transport ticket (Istanbul Kart for the city of Istanbul, strictly individual) and a HES code.

Activate the HES code on the Istanbul Kart:

HES (Hayat Eve Sığar – Life Fits Into Home) Code:

Entry Requirements to Campus's-requirement-of-covid-19-vaccine-or-pcr-test