Erasmus+ Application Call for Outgoing Student Mobility to Partner Countries

During 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester

 Available Quotas

You will be applying for the mobility during 2022-2023 Academic Year-Spring Semester. In the framework of this project, your mobility is supposed to be completed on 31 July 2023 latest. Because of the fact that the agreements will be in use by ITU students for the first time, we strongly suggest students to prepare their study plans before the mobility period, which should be prepared with the advisory of the Promoters of the agreements and Erasmus Departmental Coordinators. Students at the thesis stage must find a supervisor at the host institution before planning the mobility activity.

Please consider Covid-19 and variant cautions of the countries, before organising your mobility.

Who can participate in Erasmus+ program?

Points to take into consideration when deciding your preferences

Criteria for Selection and Funding

At the end of the application period, the final scores of all valid applications will be calculated and the applicants who have the highest final scores will be funded, considering the available quotas. If you would like to go to mobility without funding, please be in contact with ITU Erasmus Office after the results will be announced. Final score will be calculated according to the table of minimum requirements and final score calculation:

Minimum Requirements and Final Score Calculation

Available Funds

Individual and travel support to participants for physical activity will be provided by the home institution (ITU).

  • 1-Individual Support: 700 € per month for all countries
  • 2-Travel Support: Depends on the distance, make your calculation using the offical EU “Distance Calculator”. This fund is calculated independent from your expenditures for travel. It is fixed according to the distance:

10-99 km à 20 €

100-499 km à 180 €

500-1999 km à 275 €

2000-2999 km à 360 €

3000-3999 km à530 €

4000-7999 km à 820 €

8000 km and more à 1.500 €

Please consider that grants are only contributions and not intended to cover the entire activity-related expenses of the students. A part of the mobility could be virtual. However, please consider that only physical mobility will be funded.

Responsibilities of the Parties

Students are responsible for completing their study plans, which are supposed to be agreed among the parties (home institution, host institution and student) before the mobility period. Host institutions will be guiding you for your relocation in the host institution and country. ITU will be managing the funding and providing recognition of the study period abroad.

How to Apply?

For online application, please go to:, sign in with your E-devlet account and go to “Başvurularım” page to see our active call.

You could find more information in the “Yardım” (Help in English) button about the application process.


Online Application Period                             : 21.10.2022 at 10:00 am - 25.11.2022 at 12:00 am.

Announcement of the Preliminary Results   : 29.11.2022

Objection Period                                            : 29.11.2022 – 05.10.2022, 12.00am

Announcement of the Final Results              : 06.12.2022

Objection Period

The period between the announcement of preliminary results and the final results is reserved for the objections of the applicants. Objections to the final list must be delivered to Erasmus Office (in person or via e-mail) until the previous working day of the final announcement date at 12.00 pm and should include the reason, the requested change and student information.

The announcement of the results will be shared with you via e-mail.

For your questions: Emel Kanbur